Embodied Practice Lab Amsterdam






Embodied Practice Lab – dance, sense, integrate 

The entire repertoire of our life experiences can be accessed and activated through the body in movement.

Daria Halprin

The Embodied Practice Lab invites you to immerse yourself in dance and movement through a sensory, practical, and theoretical approach. Together we will dance, research, and create a respectful space for an open and appreciative dialogue about movement patterns, decisions, and their effects on our lives.

Each class offers the opportunity to deal intensively with various structural topics and focal points. We will investigate applied anatomy and biomechanics and curiously question various movement methods such as approaches from the Axis Syllabus.  

Through improvisation, somatic exercises and repetitive movement patterns, we will transfer theoretical input into our body knowledge, which can support an increase in our depth perception and lead to a greater range of movement possibilities. 

Based on this research, we develop a movement vocabulary in which we move freely and with relish, upside down, rolling, turning, jumping through space.

Every body is welcome!


When: from January 31.st till April 25.th (10 classes), 

every Tuesday from 10:00-12:00 

Where: Studio Vredenburgh / Vredenburgersteeg 31 - 35, 1012 DZ Amsterdam

Full course of 10 classes: 120€ (= 6€ per hour) 

Single Class (try out) 18€, 5 Classes 80€, 

Registration & Information: info@lisbethbitto.com

Please register in advance, (latest 24 hour before the class) by sending an email to info@lisbethbitto.com or a text message to: 0616508473