Lisbeth Bitto (she/her) is an Austrian dancer, movement teacher, researcher and artivist, currently residing in Amsterdam. Since autumn 2022 she has been enrolled in the master's program in dance therapy at Codarts Rotterdam. 

In her first master (Vienna 2013) she combined philosophical and cultural studies and concentrated in her thesis on the representation and use of the female body in contemporary art.

Lisbeth started dancing autodidactic in 2004 through breakdance, house and urban styles, being especially interested in highly dynamic and acrobatic tricks. Through contemporary dance and contact improvisation she got introduced to the Axis Syllabus in 2007 where she has been certified as a teacher in Berlin in 2015.

Lisbeth worked for the company SILK – Dance, Art & Air (2009-2012) and performed for various international choreographers a.o. Christina Raubauer (A), Romy Kolb (A), Janice Parker (GBR), Silke Grabinger (A) and Johanna Tatzgern (A). Her choreographic works have been presented in diverse festivals and cultural events. 

In 2014, she cofounded the art and cultural association CorpoColectivo, in which she is realizing art and socio-political projects. Furthermore, she is part of the intercultural project and organization TheaterFlucht Österreich (awarded with the social Impact award) and engaged in cross-cultural work.

Lisbeth teaches a movement vocabulary which is influenced by her diverse background in urban and contemporary dance, contact improvisation, applied anatomy and biomechanics as well as somatic and meditation practices.

She has over 10 years of teaching experience in different settings and communities and taught at a.o. Tanzquartier/Vienna, Bühnenwerkstätte/Graz, Tanzhafenfestival/Linz, StudioHybrid/Brussels, Tanzfabrik/Berlin, LachdachPling/Munich, NomadicCollege/Puglia Italy, Sozo/Kassel, Studio Naim/Tel Aviv, PKKY Outokumpu/Finnland,& Amsterdam. 

Lisbeth is mother of two little wonders born 2018 & 2021 :).


Since 2010 I am active and involved in different socio-political projects, mainly supporting girls and young women. Some of them I have been initiating and organizing, others I met on my way and supported as much as I could.

My focus on feminist topics drives from a great interest in this field. I grew up as a young girl in a patriarchal surrounding, with all the troubles and obstacles common in such a system. I perceive myself as a woman and I feel very lucky that through my studies, work and fellow colleagues, I had the possibility to question and critically look at my heritage. Understanding my habits, norms and behavior and being in a position to choose whether I want to keep on acting in this way or not is emancipation for me. Understanding that I have the power to change and shape my self and my surrounding through my effort means empowerment to me.

In the projects I do, I try to pass on and work on a society which allows people to be, and experience themselves as emancipated and empowered human beings.