Teacher's Statement

Aside of working as a dancer, movement teacher and artist I would describe myself as a curious human being, interested in various aspects of life.

Researching on the human body and movement brings me to comprehend myself more thoroughly. Investigating the body’s complexity opened a fascinating world, and a gateway to increase my consciousness of not only my physical deeds, but also my emotional and mental state of being.

I experience my body and mind as interlinked and strongly tangled sides of one coin. Working with my mind feeds and nourishes my body. Shaping and sensing my physical appearance changes how I think. Questioning and revisiting concepts that I thought to have understood, teaches me over and over again what I do not know yet, and what else there is to explore. I love to dive into fields that seem oppositional, to discover common points in contradicting approaches and to perceive myself as a constant beginner. I am happy to keep on questioning and doubting ideas and thoughts that I hold on to, to go into conflicts and confront uncomfortable places, as I believe it is there where I can grow most.

Taking this place as source of inspiration for my work and starting point for anything I share with people I am with, is providing me the possibility to be and to share something honest - me.