Bodyline - Borderline

Bodyline – Borderline – Danceperformance (2013)

Bodyline – Borderline keeps the spectator busy with audiovisual and physical exhaustion and an excessive demand of performers and the audience. How are borders defined? How many rounds will the dancers hang on? How long will the audience hold out?

Tanz & Choreographie: Lisbeth Bitto, Sandra Handschitz | Programmierung: Tim Schenk | Visuals: Micha Pichlkastner | Grafik & Sound: Raimund Schuhmacher I Kamera Jakob Barth, Micha Elias Pichlkastner, Gregor Sams, Tim Schenk

Special thank to: 
Cinema Vertigo / emanuel andel / schmiede 13 / all smith

September 2013, Schmiede Hallein

Upcoming Performance during the Patchlab from October in Krakau! Dates will be posted soon.