Körper Bilder/n

Körper Bilder/n - Dance -Theater for young audience (2016)

When do we doll ourselves up out of respect, appreciation and love for oneself, and when do we manipulate form and appearance of our own body – following a strange image, unconsciously accepting unknown norms?

Nine young women set off on a journey in search of their individual ideals. They dance along existing female body norms, play with beauty ideals and request femaleness. 

Choreographie & Concept: Lisbeth Bitto 

Produktion: Katharina Kerngast 

Dance: Anna-Maria Renzhofer, Dorothea Hemmens, Judith Kirschner, Katharina Kerngast, Lara Bogataj, Magdalena Haas, Magdalena Painer, Nesrim Negm, Nora Wagner

Premiere: 09.Dezember 2016, Brick 5 / Vienna

Foto & Documentation: kino5 - Julia Sternthal, Matthias Lindenthal 

Supported by:  Basis Kultur Wien, WUK- die ttp.