Körper Normen - Körper Formen

Körper Normen Körper Formen – Community Dance Project (2016)

There is no norm body! Every body is unique!

Körper Normen – Körper Formen gave young women from different cultural and social background and without previous knowledge the opportunity to participate in a community dance project. Over a period of 10 weeks, they met and started finding a means of expression in dancing and playing together. Within an artistic approach, they confronted themselves with common standards of bodies. Analyzing norms within society, they created a unique performance based on everyday life’s experiences, as well as an intervention in public space.  

“Why I am dancing? Out of love for live, out of hope and pain, and because of there’s nothing to lose apart from the force which drives us. And this force you want keep growing, so this is why I dance.” Franziska, 19 Jahre

Choreographie & Concept: Lisbeth Bitto 

Production: Judith Kirschner 

Dancers: Anna-Maria Renzhofer, Dorothea Hemmens, Emmanuelle Poujaud, Franziska Zauner, Joana Moura, Judith Kirschner, Katharina Kerngast, Lian Quintana-Abraham, Magdalena Haas, Magdalena Painer, Nora Wagner, Rahaf Mohammed

Foto-Documentation: Barbara Mair, Zoe Schneckenberg

Supported by: Basis Kultur Wien - Cash for Culture, WUK - die ttp, CoCo Wien.