Zwischen Rosarot und Himmelblau

Zwischen Rosarot und Himmelblau – Dancetheater for young audience (2015)

What was the world without differences? Without boys and girls? A boundless state of mind…You open a drawer and you find: A girl being in love with pink and a boy playing football. Norms. Labels. Judgements. You close the drawer again… and find yourself in an infinite circle of stereotypes.

But how would extraterrestrial beings from of a different dimension perceive our life? IFOS are information collectors from a supernally space. They build their existence on value-free observations, sucking information out of earth habitants. Three IFOS set off on an exploring expedition to the earth and start observing. They hear and nourish themselves from children’s voices, listening to their opinions and attitudes. Suddenly the genderless IFOS find role clichés, starting to wonder about what it means to be a boy or a girl. So why do these humans actually have a drawer for everything?

Zwischen Rosarot und Himmelblau” is an imaginative inscenation. Voices in the off melt together with the dancing representation of supernatural perspectives on gender identity.

Cast & Crew

Regie, Choreografie: Christina Rauchbauer I Dramaturgie: Flo Staffelmayr | Tänzerinnen, Choreografie: Sunia Asbach, Lisbeth Bitto, Simone Kühle | Projektleitung: Fanny Stapf | Sound: Julia Meinx | Ausstattung: Sandra Hanschitz | Ausstattungsassistenz: Katja Herzmanek | Stimme: Nuwan David Rondon

Special thank to: Magdalena Haftner

Premiere; 12.11.2015 at Dschungel Wien - Theaterhaus für junges Publikum

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